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Y las Meninas de Velázquez invadieron Madrid

Y las Meninas de Velázquez invadieron Madrid

Después de una larga ausencia sin entradas en mi blog, me gustaría retomar esta andadura con una obra clásica de la pintura española.. Recientemente terminó una brillante y espectacular exposición en Madrid. Las icónicas meninas que Velázquez retrató en el cuadro ‘La familia de Felipe IV’, tomaron las calles de Madrid interpretadas por diversos artistas, diseñadores y actores en lo que ha sido la primera “Meninas Madrid Gallery”, una galería de arte al aire libre. 80 meninas fabricadas en fibra de vidrio de 180 centímetros de alto, 160 de fondo y unos 30 kilos de peso.

Cada menina representa la idea de Madrid que tiene el artista que la ha intervenido. Los músicos Alejandro Sanz y Carlos Baute; los diseñadores Lorenzo Caprile, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada y Vicky Martín Berrocal y el actor Jordi Mollá son algunas de las firmas que han plasmado su imagen de Madrid en una menina. También han participado en la creación de las meninas entidades sin ánimo de lucro como Fundación Aladina, Fundación Créate y Fundación Alenta. Una vez concluida la muestra, algunas de las meninas se subastarán y los beneficios se destinarán a estas organizaciones.

El Ayuntamiento de la capital ha ubicado 80 meninas en algunos de los lugares públicos más importantes de la ciudad y de mayor afluencia de visitantes.

Mapa de las ubicaciones de Las Meninas en Madrid:

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Birds and Women by Amy Judd #Art #Painting

The Last Island


Amy Judd’s paintings are a collection of sensitive silent moments; some full of whimsical intrigue, others more surreal and seductive. These paintings draw inspiration from the enchanting and imaginative relationship between women and nature found in traditional mythologies and folklores.

The composition, light and positioning of the subject, creates curious images, which conjure up new “mythological” narratives or creatures within the paintings. A recurring theme is the use of Feathers as armour, and birds as familiars. The more surreal nude compositions are bold and strong, the feathers allude to strength, flight and bravery, rather than fragility.

However the paintings depicting women with birds (owls) have a calmer atmosphere, the use of negative space in the image lets the viewer breath, the clothes worn by the figures and the muted colour palette create a nostalgic dream like feel to the paintings. In a new twist the female figures are swapped for…

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These Paintings By David Bowie Show His Other Artist Side

The Last Island

David Bowie was a great artist on stage, in cinema and in videogames. But he also dabbled in painting, too! Here are some of the paintings and drawings that Bowie left us. His art is said to be “influenced by Frank Auerbach, David Bomberg, Francis Bacon, Francis Picabia.”

David Bowie died this January, soon after his birthday and the release of the Blackstar album. Here’s his last photoshoot where he looks lively and energetic!

More info: (h/t: boredpanda)



Child In Berlin – 1977




Berlin Landscape With JO – 1978


(Portrait of Iggy Pop)



Hearts Filthy Lesson – 1995


Self-Portrait – 1978


Inspired by the cover for the album cover of Heroes (Victoria and Albert Museum)

DHead series


Bowie continuously painted these DHeads during his career, but it only went public around 1994.

DHeads II




South Africa series An exploration of Bowie’s thoughts on the “white…

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Sensual and colored figures by Richard Burlet

Sensual and colored figures by Richard Burlet

Considered an abstract-figurative artist, the paintings created by Richard Burlet are born of an inspiration that is French by inclination and Viennese by influence. The complex imagery of Burlet’s figurative paintings pays homage to a tradition in art that reigned supreme in Vienna in the late 1800s. The art, architecture and design of Vienna’s “Golden Age”, and the highly praised works of Gustav Klimt, are the greatest influences to Burlet’s artwork.

Richard Burlet painting

Burlet’s paintings are richly colored compositions in collage and oil and each displays a brilliant pastiche of ornamental detail that does not simply embellish the art, but becomes its content. His palette often reflects his affinity for red and purple – strong colors – and he strives for “a contrast of colors, of heat, contrast between some delicate, graceful faces, and an intense and powerful set of colors.” For Burlet, the interplay of figure and background, flatness and depth, object and image is the key to heightening the experience of his creations. His paintings evoke a dreamlike, floating state in which fantasy liquefies the world, tinting and bending to its own desires. It is in this approach to his artwork that Burlet’s paintings have an affinity with the most classic of figurative studies while also harkening to the psychedelic nature of 1960s art and design.


Burlet’s sensual figurative works have an abstract quality achieved by his use of collage and heavy paint on canvas. There is flatness to the imagery, yet rich dimension is created by myriad colors laid one on top of another with 24-karat gold and silver leafing then applied giving the canvas tone and texture. He uses gold and silver “for it’s light – no color can compete with it. It is an element that naturally does not belong on the painting, and therefore is thrilling to try to include it.” Another “material” that Burlet works with is memories. “The more distant they are, the more interesting they get, because they are distorted by time and living. They reappear through certain colors, certain shapes, even if they remain hazy.” The art is at once classic and exotic, sensual and tame. The figures appear as if in a dream, the colors intertwine with collage to create both mood and a multi-dimensional surface.

richard-burlet-2-728 RB6 Painting-by-French-artist-Richard-Burlet-2 Painting-by-French-artist-Richard-Burlet-3 Le-chapeau-bleu Painting-by-French-artist-Richard-Burlet-5 Painting-by-French-artist-Richard-Burlet-8 Painting-by-French-artist-Richard-Burlet-9 Painting-by-French-artist-Richard-Burlet-11 Painting-by-French-artist-Richard-Burlet-13

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The dark and wonderful world by Lorenzo Mattotti

The dark and wonderful world by Lorenzo Mattotti

LORENZO MATTOTTI was born in Italy in 1954 and he’s an Italian comics and graphic artist living in Paris. After studying architecture, he decided to devote himself to comics and is recognised today as one of the most outstanding international exponents of the art.  His works have been published in the most important magazines and his books are translated all over the world. From “Il signor Spartaco”, “L’uomo alla finestra”, “Stigmate””Ligne fragile”, and many other works, up to “Fires” and “Murmur” published by Penguin Books in 1993,For children he has illustrated “Pinocchio” by Collodi, “The Pavilion on the Links” by Stevenson and has published “Eugenio” that had the Grand Prix of Bratislava in 93.



Mattotti has also worked in the fashion world, reinterpreting the models of the most famous fashion designers for “Vanity” magazine. He has carried out advertising campaigns and has illustrated the cover of such magazines as The New Yorker, Le Monde and Suddeutsche Zeitung. In 1995, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and The Frans Hals Museum in Harlem dedicated an anthology to him. He realized many important posters: Cannes 2000 – “Lire en Fête” “La Marie de Paris”. Recently he worked in the Film “Eros” of Wong Kar Way – Soderbergh et Antonioni, he creates the segments within the three episodes.


“Doing fashion illustrations is part of my work, but for me it’s all about women,” Lorenzo Mattotti, the artist behind this week’s cover, says.


Definitelly, he’s recognized as one of the most outstanding international exponents of comics art. Mattotti won an Eisner Award for his graphic novel Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. He collaborated with Lou Reed in re-imaging Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.




In 2014, Lorenzo Mattotti colaborate with Neil Gaiman who written with a devastating spareness an new version of “Hansel and Gretel”, fearsomely illustrated in shades of black by Mattotti. This newest version of “Hansel and Gretel” astonishes from start to finish. The book itself is a gorgeous and carefully made object, with a black floral motif on its pages’ decorated borders, along with abundant red drop caps and tall, round gray page numbers. (Published by Toon Books, the New Yorker art director Françoise Mouly’s venture into richly illustrated books for children, it comes in two formats, with an oversize one that includes an afterword about the evolution of the tale.)

And they lived happily ever after. Credit From "Hansel & Gretel"

And they lived happily ever after. Credit From “Hansel & Gretel”


Other works of this matchless artist:



tumblr_m4ej3sbn4f1qhal0to1_1280 tumblr_liwrep5JJR1qed8s5o1_500

Official website:


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Hugo Bruce: Life and Death

Hugo Bruce: Life and Death

Hugo Bruce is a British contemporary sculptor based between London and Barcelona. Born in 1969 in Berkshire, England. A sculptor since 2005 and painter since 1993. His sculptures represent the natural cycles of life and death, and the capacity of nature to metamorphosize and evolve in distinct and unexpected ways. The works are allegories in which life seems to miraculously follow death, in the form of fragile branches and flowers sprouting out from skulls. The plants and flowers growing from the spines of the figures prompt the idea that we are witnessing a strange rebirth of both life and love. Creation and death go hand in hand, each vital for the existence of the other. The work attempts to capture the transience of nature, while also suggesting the cyclic and infinite nature of life. Hugo Bruce utilizes extensive experience of foundry techniques and welding. Recent work attempts to distill essential themes of human experience and it´s bittersweet essence. As degeneration is vital for regeneration, life may be seen as a celebration of death.

Bosque 2013-15

Bosque 2013-15

Dark and Light I

Dark and Light I

Into the light

Into the light

Dark and Light II

Dark and Light II

'The Rites Of Spring' 2012

‘The Rites Of Spring’ 2012


More information about this artist:

Text form Saatchi Gallery web.

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First Night Design | Wet Magic and Madame de Pompadour

First Night Design

La Toilette de Vénus by François Boucher [Wikimedia] I had forgotten about Wet Magic until I sold a postcard of it yesterday. It was one of my first adaptations of a classic piece, in this instance La Toilette de Vénus by François Boucher [1703-1770] which can be seen at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It took me days — my Photoshop skills were almost non-existent at the time — and days and days. The idea of switching her from right to left and turning her into a mermaid came from my love of E Nesbit’s children’s books and specifically Wet Magic in which her protagonists save a mermaid from the circus, and much else besides.

Extract from Wet Magic in which Nesbit quotes John Milton:

‘Now, Francis,” [Mavis] called. And Francis came slowly with his thumb in The Water Babies. It was nearly dark by…

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