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Uprooted: The growing crisis for refugee and migrant children

Children are at the heart of one of the biggest movements of people in history. One in every 45 children in the world today is on the move. They may be labelled “refugee,” “displaced” or “migrant.” But first and foremost children are children. No matter where they come from, no matter who they are. Period.

Children are not responsible for the bombs and bullets, gang violence or shriveled crops and low wages driving them from their homes. But theyare always the first to be affected by war, climate change and poverty.

Here’s one shocking statistic: The number of child refugees has risen 77 per cent in five short years. Astounding. Their voice, their plight and the issues they face must be heard. It is our job to do this.

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  • 1 in 200

    children in the world is a child refugee

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    1 in 8

    migrants in the world is a child

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    28 Million

    children have been displaced by violence

  “Migration is an expression of the human aspiration for dignity, safety and a better future. It is part of the social fabric, part of our very make-up as a human family.”

Ban Ki-moon,
United Nations Secretary-General

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Tom Hiddleston in South Sudan: ‘Children deserve a chance of a childhood’

Tom Hiddleston in South Sudan: ‘Children deserve a chance of a childhood’

Tom Hiddleston in South Sudan: “Children deserve a chance of a childhood”

For the sake of every child in danger, our leaders must do more.

In conflict and crises, it is children who are hardest hit. I saw this for myself in South Sudan, on a visit to the country with Unicef earlier this year. South Sudan is a forgotten war, which strikes children with unforgivable brutality. Rape, forced recruitment and attacks on schools are becoming a daily part of their childhood.

South Sudan declared independence from Sudan in 2011, and has been riven by political and civil conflict since December 2013. The major cities have become war zones, with civilians fleeing to relative safety in rural areas. So many people, so many innocent children: displaced, desperate, starving.

Unicef UK supporter and award-winning actor Tom Hiddleston met children caught in conflict at a rapid response mission in South Sudan Unicef

Unicef UK supporter and award-winning actor Tom Hiddleston met children caught in conflict at a rapid response mission in South Sudan Unicef

The day before I was due to fly to South Sudan – in February this year – Unicef announced that at least 89 boys had been abducted while they were preparing to sit their school exams in Wau Shilluk, in Upper Nile state. These boys, some as young as 13, had been forcibly conscripted into armed militia.

Three days later, I found myself in the very same village, one of the most remote places I have ever seen. Walking around the desolate school, the destruction left in the wake of the militia’s violent interruption of the school day the previous weekend was still visible. The playground was empty, school desks had been overturned and doors were hanging off their hinges.

In one of the school-rooms, I met with 15-year-old John*, who had escaped abduction. Sitting on the floor together in the corner, he told me that he feared for his life, that everyone did. He told me: “we have a big problem and worry. The soldiers – they are killing the people”. But despite the immense danger, he still wanted to attend school and prepare for his exams.

In South Sudan, around 13,000 children have been recruited and are being used by all sides of the conflict, putting their lives at risk and irreversibly changing the fortunes of these children. I met a Unicef aid worker in the Upper Nile region, who had met with boys desperate to go home, but bound by the fear the militia had instilled in them. Children face an impossible choice – kill or be killed. For some, these children may seem a lost cause. But not for Unicef who, as well as delivering vital water and health care to children in South Sudan, are working to release and rehabilitate children forced to fight.

In Jonglei state, days later, I met hundreds of boys who had recently been released by an armed group called the Cobra faction, living in a Unicef Interim Care Centre, awaiting reunification with their families.  They receive shelter, food, education, clothing and basic health care, as well as counselling.

One of these boys, 16-year-old Afrikey*, on the day of our visit was being reunited with his family for the first time in over two years. His conscription had left emotional scars. He had seen things a boy of his age should never have to see. He had the far-off stare of a much older man – a depth in his face. I witnessed him being reunited with his mother: some hope amid the devastation.

To this day, there is no official record of what happened to the 89 boys in Wau Shilluk. I cannot help but wonder where they are, what they are doing, and whether their families will see them again.

It is for these children, for boys like John and Afrikey, that I am backing Unicef UK’s new campaign, which calls on the Government to prioritise protecting children from violence in crises.  Children, whether those journeying as refugees through Europe or living in conflicts like South Sudan, deserve a chance of a childhood.

For the sake of every child in danger, our leaders must step up and do more. The public can support Unicef UK’s call for the Prime Minister to protect children from violence in emergencies at

* Names changed to protect identities

Article taken from:

More information and how you can help here:


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En 2015 los niños siguen necesitando nuestra ayuda #ahoraNOpodemosparar

En este nuevo año que comienza, #ahoraNOpodemosparar 

Campaña UNICEF

Campaña UNICEF


Spot de la campaña:


Entra aquí e infórmate sobre todo lo que puedes hacer por los niños:

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Audrey Hepburn: Beauty & Humanity

Audrey Hepburn: Beauty & Humanity

Such day like today but in 1929 (4 May 1929 – 20 January 1993) was born actress and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn. A woman whose undeniable talent and freshness would become one of the most extraordinary actresses of all time. Her name is synonymous of beauty and elegance throughout the world coming to become a fashion icon that endures to this day. AudreyHepburn was a cultured and intelligent woman, with defects and virtues like everyone but it is clear that in some people, virtues can be so great and valuable that dwarf any small and absurd flaw or weakness that such an exceptional human being can have.

When I say this, I refer to her exemplary humanitarian work with UNICEF that has left a lasting impression on us, as I’m sure the rest of the world. Having had a rough childhood herself, she dedicated much of her life to giving back and helping less fortunate children in third world countries.


As part of her role as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador she ventured to places that many of us could only imagine — from Ethiopia and Venezuela to El Salvador and Sudan. Her efforts have seen her awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom from President G. H. W Bush, and also the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Audrey had two children, Sean Ferrer, from her marriage to fellow actor and director Mel Ferrer and Luca Dotti, from her second marriage to Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti.


Today, Sean and Luca continue their mother’s legacy through the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund. The fund was set up by Sean and Luca, along with Audrey’s long time partner and companion Robert Wolders.

Audrey Hepburn foundation site:

Somalia 1992

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#niñosdeSiria – Su voz se debe escuchar

#niñosdeSiria – Su voz se debe escuchar

Hola, amigos.

Millones de inocentes llevan ya tres años sufriendo en Siria, sobre todo los niños. Han bombardeado sus casas, escuelas y hospitales. Han destruido su mundo. Llevan 3 años viviendo y soportando la violencia de la guerra, una violencia indiscriminada y atroz. Quienes no se han visto forzados a huir, se encuentran atrapados dentro de un país en ruinas y en condiciones extremas.

 Los #niñosdeSiria no deben morir.

Los #niñosdeSiria no deben soportar ni un día más de sufrimiento físico y emocional.  

Los #niñosdeSiria no pueden pasar más tiempo sin la oportunidad de aprender y sin opciones de futuro.

Si este conflicto no acaba ya puede significar la pérdida de toda una generación de niños sirios, con consecuencias devastadoras para el futuro de Siria y de la región.

No podemos tolerar que siga pasando. Yo no quiero que los #niñosdeSiria sigan sufriendo, no quiero que sigan muriendo.

Únete junto a mí a la campaña de UNICEF en:

¡Muchas gracias!


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